Major League PR

When Major League Baseball’s Biogenesis suspensions came down on Monday, there were a lot of players who had claimed to have been “clean” that had to admit that yes, they did in fact cheat and lie. They (or their PR counsel) did this to varying degrees of success. As a massive baseball geek and a…

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PR Isn’t what you think it is.

“Public Relations” is a term I don’t particularly care for – though I guess the world is stuck with it. That may sound strange coming from the CEO of an integrated marketing firm. That’s because, unfortunately, PR conjures up public images of spin control and on occasion inauthenticity. Effective PR initiatives, on the other hand,…

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Management, Flattened and Stirred

Flattened management – what is it? First, you can’t talk about flattened management unless you live it. Here at MCCI we encourage all our employees to be a direct part of the decision-making process, and have the freedom to make their own decisions in a range of creative and strategic ways.  This is the core…

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