About / Our Team

You have a destination to reach. Our team’s problem-solving and ingenuity will take you there. MCCI team members come from an array of backgrounds – including news, video production, broadcast, public relations leadership and many more. Diversity is one of the prime reasons why we’re different, and that’s how MCCI can overcome the challenges you encounter while innovatively building your brand.

  • Terry Oprea
    Terry Oprea
    President and CEO
  • Chris Heaton
    Chris Heaton
  • Rich Donley, APR
    Senior VP, PR and Marketing Communications
  • Greg Zonca
    Greg Zonca
    Producer / Videographer / Editor
  • Billy Strawter
    Social Media Manager
  • Pat Radice
    Pat Radice
    Senior Communications Executive
  • Lisa Hubbs
    Executive Assistant
  • Todd Haight
    Vice President
    Business Development
  • Anthony Whittaker
    Anthony Whittaker Videographer/Editor
  • Mary Lynn Treppa
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • John Owens
    Senior Producer
  • Paul Manzella
    Paul Manzella
    Vice President
  • Garrett Ekstrom
    Garrett Ekstrom
    Web Manager
  • Erica Bush
    Erica Bush Stamatoulakis Senior Communications Executive
  • Paul Lukasiewicz
    Paul Lukasiewicz
    Creative Director/Senior Designer
  • Bob Rossbach
    Senior Communications Consultant
  • Kambren Stanley Communications Associate
  • Mark Lane
    Mark Lane
    Senior Communications Executive
  • Kim Stricker
    Kim Stricker
    Social Media Manager
  • Phil Swantek
    Phil Swantek
    Senior Producer / Director
  • Jared Bauman
    Jared Bauman
    Producer / Director / Editor
  • Calvin Schenck
    Calvin Schenck
    Videographer / Editor
  • Sharon McMurray
    Senior Communications Consultant
  • Rachel Bair
    Rachel Bair
    Business Manager
  • Maggie Jackson
    Maggie Jackson Communications Associate
  • Mike Scott
    Mike Scott
    Senior Communications Consultant