SERVICES / case study

Focus: HOPE is a nationally renowned civil and human rights organization diligently working to bridge the racial and economic divide in southeast Michigan. They were seeking to encourage metro Detroiters to use voting in the 2016 presidential election as a method of social change, along with dispelling public myths, prior to the October 11 voter registration deadline in a way that would drive real results.

Client Challenge: Find a way to get the vote out in a visually impactful, interesting and most importantly – a way that drove viewers to action.

MCCI’s Solution: MCCI brought together our video and social media expertise to quickly form a strategy and solution that would encapsulate the client’s mission of social justice, emphasize how important voting is to creating change within communities and across the country and dispel myths surrounding the 2016 presidential election. MCCI worked with Focus: HOPE to create a script, and to encourage public participation, reached out to public figures to add their voices and present the message as non-partisan.

Results: MCCI secured the support of local celebrities/personalities to lend their voices to the production. Five local celebrities committed: Chuck Bennett, Karen Dumas, Coco, Spud and Chef Bobby. Each participated by utilizing cell phones to take “selfie” videos of their parts and forward to MCCI for inclusion into the final video – creating an authentic, grass-roots feel. We worked with Focus: HOPE to post the video on their website, share on social media (Facebook and Twitter) platforms and get the word out even further with email marketing. The celebrities were also invited to share the content on their social channels to boost engagement.

MCCI was able to form a strategy and complete video production in just one week; and between September 22 and October 11, 2016, close to 150,000 potential voters had the opportunity to view, share the link and get registered to make their voices heard.