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Focus: HOPE Senior Delivery Day 2015

William F. Jones, Jr. CEO

William F. Jones, Jr.,  CEO

“Thank you everyone for the wonderful job you did on Saturday (12/19/2015) and every day. It has been a joy to work with each of you especially during this time where we are short on staff but big on ideas. I am personally so appreciative of how responsive you have been on short time frames and the quality of effort on behalf of Focus: HOPE. Some days everything seems like it is on fire and you are our firefighters!”

—- Melinda Conway Callahan, CFRE
Chief Development and External Relations Officer
Focus: HOPE




Ford Salute to Dealers

“The work that the MCCI team has done, throughout the years, in support of the Ford Motor Company Salute To Dealers program has been truly outstanding. Thank you for the excellent job.”

—- Edsel B. Ford II

MCCI has supported the annual Ford Salute to Dealers project for at least eight years. We have traveled the U.S. and Canada to capture dealers who are giving back to their communities, plus for the last three years we have produced and written stories about international dealers in Thailand, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, etc.


Academy for Competent Youth Workers

“Wait wait, let me get some tissue, sob! I was so moved, I got goose bumps. You nailed ittttttt!!! The graphic was perfect. The planet is reaching global consciousness. Whoooeeee! nuf said.”

—- Hector Sapien
Senior Trainer, Academy for Competent Youth Work
Treasurer, Association for Child and Youth Care Practice



Dakkota Integrated Systems

“I think we identified a problem about a year ago that we were having a hard time communicating with all our locations, about 12 different locations around the country. We wanted to get a common message out in really a short amount of time and we found this to be a great tool to do that. Each month we sit down and create a script and the team really does a great job of helping us do that and we are really able to make it happen within a day’s time. Then we send it out within a week, week and a half to our overall operations and it works great. We’ve had wonderful feedback from each one of our locations that this helps get the message out about important events around the company and I think it’s had a positive impact.”

“You know, we’ve had probably 15 different people on camera. None of us have been experienced video folks in the past and everyone has had I think a great experience. The team makes them feel very comfortable and it’s been very easy and just a wonderful experience.”

—- Brian McDonell
Chief Operating Officer, Dakkota Integrated Systems


Argonne National Laboratory

“I have had the pleasure of working with MCCI for about 5 years now and they have done a tremendous amount of work for us during that five years. I have to personally say that all their work is of the utmost professional quality and is really fun and they bring just a new level of excitement and dimension and professionalism to all of the work that they do. And in fact they just recently did a piece for us on our 25 year anniversary that really captured not only the spirit of the competition and the program but also the real family passionate sentiment of our program in a way that only people who are really invested in their work can really bring to the table. So I just think they are tremendous and recommend them whole heartedly.”

—-Kristen De La Rosa
Director, Argonne National Laboratory


The Skillman Foundation


“We see video as an important medium for advancing the work we do to improve the lives of Detroit kids. It’s also a persuasive tool for us as we look far and wide to attract other resources to Detroit. Mort Crim Communications has been a trusted and reliable partner in our comprehensive video production strategy. The firm brings talent and tenacity to our projects, but what I have come to appreciate most is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.”

—-William Hanson
Director of Communications, The Skillman Foundation


Leader Dogs for the Blind

“We have worked with MCCI for several years and taken advantage of many of their services: media relations, social media, video production and web design. They have been able to meet, or exceed, our expectations in all areas because of the extensive experience of their team members. Across the board, MCCI staff are knowledgeable, professional and caring (which is very important to a nonprofit organization).”

—-Rachelle Kniffen
Director of Communications & Marketing, Leader Dogs for the Blind



“The MCCI team is great to work with and definitely adds tremendous value, both with excellent content development and the hands-on, consultative support that I-CAR® receives.”

—-Stacey Wesselink

Marketing Communications Manager, I-CAR®