3 Key Traits of an Agency Professional


imageDuring my first week at MCCI, I noticed some subtle differences in how an agency works compared to how corporate environments work. Some of these subtleties, in my perspective, make an agency employee more well-rounded. Here are some key traits you can acquire while working for an integrated marketing agency.

  • Diversity of knowledge. One way for someone to break into integrated marketing or public relations and find their niche is by working with multiple types of clients. This allows people to not just have a few skills in writing, editing and social media, but also a wide range so that they are more comfortable with the industry and can sharpen their own skills. Each new industry they encounter, there will be challenges and that growth will make them better at their job.
  • Fast-paced environment. When deadlines are the name of the game, work becomes a priority. Public relations and the marketing world warrants an environment of working against the clock to produce the highest quality work possible. This means that, many times, employees do not have the opportunity to make several mistakes. Most of the time, there is only one opportunity for you to prove to the client that you deserve their business.
  • Creative support. Being one with a creative mindset, I found that some do not necessarily understand how you think, operate or work. In an agency, creative people from unique backgrounds surround you. They are your bosses, colleagues and even your clients. They understand the importance of the creative work that you produce, allowing for career and personal growth.

These are only a few of the skills I hope to gain by working with MCCI. I have seen a culture that is supportive of new ideas and creative innovation, and I’m extremely ready for all the upcoming challenges and new adventures!