3 Vital Tips to Maximize Your YouTube Views


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world so it’s extremely important to know how it works if your goal is increased visibility. YouTube is a great way for someone to find out about you, your company or your product. There are simple ways to get more YouTube exposure such as having proper titles and descriptions. Instead of naming your video title “The new Z24RPQ is here,” you would name your video “The new Z24RPQ toothbrush provides clean teeth and a white smile.” Adding descriptive words gives your video context and will help generate more views. However, the best way for your video to reach your target audience is to follow these 3 guidelines!

  1. Finalize content before you start shooting. Even before you make your video, your content should be finalized. You must already have a goal and target in mind for your video that aligns with the market you are targeting. This stage is where creative ideas, style and techniques combine to establish the layout for your video production. You must also evaluate what is unique about your concept. MCCI’s tagline is “Tell the World Why You’re Different” and if you focus on why your message is unique, then you will have success. Also consider why someone would want to view your video in the first place or why it would be desirable to watch - and highlight that reason. (Is this product the first of its kind? Are you helping people in a new way? Focus on those kinds of details!) Join all these puzzle pieces together to develop and complete your content/script/plan, THEN you are ready to start shooting.


  1. Create a checklist (and ask someone, ‘would you share it?’) Ask for someone’s opinion who isn’t invested in the project/ is someone whose opinion you trust that falls within your target demographic. Their perspective/answers to your questions (from your checklist) will help you decide if your video is finished or if it still needs work. If you got this in your inbox, would you pass it along? Would you share this on social media? What changes would you like to see before you shared it? Is it relevant enough? Do you love it? How can you take the next step to love it? Really consider the answers to these questions and if you are not satisfied, revise, revise and revise again.


  1. Spread the word. Marketing and distribution are everything. If you don’t promote your own video, who will? Make sure to post your video on all your social media platforms. A well-oiled linking machine can cover some serious ground. Another distribution method is email. Send out a video eblast and ask your recipients to share it! You never know how far that email will reach. Finally, if you need a jump start, you can always pay to promote your video.


Today there’s exact video reach data ready at your fingertips, and you can see what works and what doesn’t. People don’t realize the measurement tools that are at their disposal! Even so, it really comes down to the three steps: good content, a checklist and spreading the word. It can be difficult to master this without experience and if you find yourself if that situation, we are always here to help!