4 Need-to-Know Tips for Providing On-Site Social Media Support


It’s one thing to post social for your client remotely, but it’s a whole other ballgame when you are on-site and live posting. I was recently handling on-site social media for one of our automotive clients at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV and picked up a few tips:

  1. Have a game plan. Before you go, do some research on the site, and draft some posts based on what you will be covering. Perhaps it’s a new product launch or a major announcement that will be made. Encouraging your followers to like or follow your other social channels are always good placeholders as well. Research event hashtags and make sure to use them appropriately.
  2. Use the big picture to tell a story. Consider the broader audience that may not be at the event. Finding an effective way to show what is going on can make them feel that they are somehow part of the event. Also, don’t be afraid to be creative. If you see something that is social-worthy, there is no harm in drafting a post for your client’s approval.
  3. Be a fly on the wall. Make sure that if you are on a showroom floor you are not in the way. You don’t want to interrupt your client’s business interactions. Find lulls when you can take pictures or videos. If you are aiming to take a picture of the crowd, try to avoid getting too many faces in the shot.
  4. Monitor interactions. Especially on Twitter, publications and/or event attendees may mention your client in their own social posts. These are great for reposting and interacting. Flag them for your client in a timely fashion and repost if you receive the go-ahead.

Our client had a successful experience at CES this year. In terms of their social media presence, they had great social media engagement as well as an increased follower base on their social platforms. Are you or your organization looking for social media development and strategy? Contact us today.