4 Video Resources Every Producer & Editor Should Use


Working in film isn’t as black and white as it used to be. Staying current in an industry that is constantly evolving can be challenging at times. Here are some resources that will keep you up to date on the latest trends in video production and editing.

  1. NoFilmSchool.com No Film School provides the latest news on the market's newest cameras, video gear and software. The website hosts articles about how to be a better filmmaker, providing tips for everything from scriptwriting to directing to editing. Its many forums provide a means for discussion among video professionals about the latest trends and technologies in the field.
  2. VideoCopilot.net Video Copilot is a valuable resource for the aspiring After Effects artist. Hosting over 100 free tutorials on how to achieve popular and trending digital effects within After Effects, the site guides animators through new and innovative solutions. Video Copilot consistently pushes the boundaries of After Effects with plugins, many of which they provide for free. Andrew Kramer, the website's creator, blogs about how to become a better motion graphics artist and where the After Effects industry is headed.
  3. CreativeCow.net Creative Cow is an open forum for media production professionals to network, share ideas and reach out to one another. The website hosts over 200 individual forums with topics ranging from the newest cutting edge software to broadcasting, digital effects and motion graphics. Creative Cow also offers over 1,000 free tutorials to help industry professionals and artists develop valuable skills.
  4. PhilipBoom.net Philip Bloom is a Director of Photography in the film and video industry with a special knowledge in the art of DSLR filmmaking. His website hosts a widely-followed blog about the best video equipment on the market, which includes reviews of new products as well as how to best utilize new features of existing products. For both, the aspiring and accomplished DSLR or digital filmmaker, PhilipBloom.net is a must-visit.

These tools can be extremely helpful if you use them to your advantage. They will allow you to ask questions, engage with other professionals and give feedback to others. Take it a step further by bookmarking these sites in your browser as a friendly reminder to check them out regularly.

What sites are helpful to you?