5 Useful Tools for Social Media Monitoring


The internet produces some amazing statistics. Every 60 seconds there are

  • 433,000 tweets
  • 1,800 blog posts
  • 70 registered domains
  • 293,000 status updates on Facebook
  • 4.7 million posts on Tumblr

Do you know how many of those are about your brand?

In today’s fast pace, publish first, verify later state it’s important that your business understands how consumers are talking about your brand.

Social media monitoring gives you ability to listen, in real-time, to conversations specific to your brand across the internet. Forums, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, website comments, YouTube, and more. Anywhere there is a public comment, social media monitoring will assist you in uncovering it.

5 ToolsHere are 5 Useful Tools for Social Media Monitoring:

Social Mention

Social Mention is an affordable, as in FREE, way to monitor the internet for brand mentions or topic mentions of choice. They monitor 100+ social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Forums. Have a product that recently launched? Enter the product name to see what people are saying about it. Social mention also shows sentiment, the number of positive or negative mentions, time between mentions to give you a birds eye view.


From Meltwater, Ice Rocket monitors blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. You can sort mentions by time. Looking for mentions from last week? Done. Ice Rocket is also free. Based on our tests, Ice Rocket missed quite a few brand discussions when compared to Social Mention.


Topsy is another solid option when it comes to monitoring for brand mentions. The claim to fame is that they have an archive of all Tweets since 2006. They list sentiment and also allow you to see based on time. Sort by week/day/past 30 days or if they posts is a Tweet, link, photo or video. Topsy is free.


While free, TalkWalker requires you to create an account before you can search for mentions. See results over time, channel performance, list of influencers (people who have a large following), sentiment, and demographics. Considered a social search engine, TalkWalker is quick way to find relevant mention s for your brand.


While not free, Trackur is an affordable option for social media monitoring. They offer standard social listening tools as well as measurement and sentiment tools. Get a keyword cloud to see which words are most used when talking about your business. Starting at only $97 a month it’s a great way to ease your way into monitoring.

If you find yourself on the fence when it comes to social media, consider an investment of time or resources into social media monitoring. You may find their are conversations taking place that you want to be a part of.

At MCCI we spent an entire year monitoring social media mentions for a client. Monday through Friday they received a daily report prior to 8 A.M. After seeing the sheer volume of 50-60 mentions per day, they wanted to respond to a few inaccurate posts. The problem was they couldn’t because they didn’t have a social media presence.   Needless to say, it was an easy conversation to prove the social media need to the C-Suite.

While you don’t need an entire year, you do need to just do it. Ask us how you can get started reaching customers online today.