Advice to New PR Grads


Maggie Grad 1Graduating college is both an exciting and terrifying time. On one hand you are ecstatic that you never have to write another term paper again and on the other you are terrified about finding a job. I was in this position as a new PR pro year ago, so I know what it is like. Here are a few of the tips that personally helped me find my way into the PR industry...


  1. Work your network: Whether this is through LinkedIn or your own personal contacts, it is essential to get your name out there. Look into joining your local PRSA chapter or another young professional group like DEC Young Leaders.
  2. Become a social butterfly: Identify companies and PR professionals that you would like to meet and reach out to them. About 99% of the time they will be more than willing to talk with you. They may even direct you toward job leads. Also, if you hear about an event that sounds interesting, go! You never know who you will meet. Make sure you remember to bring business cards (you can make simple ones through companies like Vistaprint or design your own)!
  3. Volunteer: Find a cause that you are passionate about and find a way to get involved. Most organizations really love the extra help and your PR expertise from your education, previous internships, etc. is a big plus for them. I started volunteering with the Solanus Casey Center where I helped them create their Year of Mercy promotional materials as well as grow young adult ministry in the Detroit area. Not only are you building your resume and portfolio, you are paying it forward.

The greatest piece of advice that I can give is to stay positive! It is so hard not to get frustrated when a job lead does not work out. In the end, remember that companies are not the only ones looking for the perfect fit - you need to find the PR job that is right for YOU too! Good luck in your search and congratulations on graduating! (PS - if you know of any current students that are in need of an internship for credit tell them about MCCI!)