Not Simple Math – Agency Life vs. Accounting Life

Throughout high school and college, I thought of the many different career paths I could take – from forensic psychology to social work, and to my final decision, accounting. Now some of you may be thinking: Out of those three options, you chose the most boring?  via GIPHY Three months ago I would have […]

How to Network When You Really Don’t Like Networking

Oh, networking. It is something that you either love, hate or love to hate. Nonetheless it is something that every professional should do. And not just to grow professionally. How you perform in the office is just one facet of your career, but how you decide to expand your network can really help establish yourself […]

Breaking Down the Communication Breakdown

One of the most ironic things we often hear from professional communicators is that they and their colleagues have trouble communicating. That’s because people have different communication styles. And as technology offers so many new ways to talk to each other, the communication gap continues to grow in many organizations. How can we effectively communicate […]

Team Spotlight: Carolyn Artman

Meet Carolyn Artman, a well-traveled, distinguished PR practitioner and our new account director. She loves a strong cup of coffee, history and is as Detroit-centric as they come. Learn more about Carolyn! What do you love about MCCI? I love working in downtown Detroit with a diverse team of creative communicators who help each other […]

My Resolution to Invest in Work Self-Care

We always find ourselves a little self-reflective when the holidays roll around. You may recollect a year’s worth of memories with family and friends, how you did with your eating or exercise habits, read your goal-set amount of books or even if you got a chance to go on vacation. But what about when it […]