Team Spotlight: Tyler Hudiburgh

  Today we recognize our graphic design intern, Tyler Hudiburgh. Tyler has been with MCCI since May and has been a great addition to the creative team. She will be a senior this fall at Lawrence Technical University where she is studying graphic design. Find out more about what Tyler has to say about MCCI […]

Team Spotlight: Lyra Ducusin

In today’s team spotlight, we recognize our web developer, Lyra Ducusin. Since her first day, Lyra has jumped right in to several web projects and has provided valuable insight to MCCI’s own marketing initiatives. She is a joy to work with and MCCI is very happy to have her on board. Find out what Lyra […]

Team Spotlight: Rachel Cassidy

Today we recognize our new digital marketing manager, Rachel Cassidy. Rachel comes to MCCI from GM and is in charge of creating and enhancing the digital strategies for our clients. A true go-getter, Rachel’s bright personality lights up the office. Find out more about Rachel below: What do you love about MCCI?  The inclusivity/culture; coming […]

Not Simple Math – Agency Life vs. Accounting Life

Throughout high school and college, I thought of the many different career paths I could take – from forensic psychology to social work, and to my final decision, accounting. Now some of you may be thinking: Out of those three options, you chose the most boring?  via GIPHY Three months ago I would have […]

How to Network When You Really Don’t Like Networking

Oh, networking. It is something that you either love, hate or love to hate. Nonetheless it is something that every professional should do. And not just to grow professionally. How you perform in the office is just one facet of your career, but how you decide to expand your network can really help establish yourself […]