The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Marketing Videos

If you have a product or a service that you are looking to inform others about what better medium than video.  Video allows a person who has no idea what you do or what your product does to immediately be informed about your organization, product and/or service.  Video can explain the main benefits in a quick and […]

Stories that Inspire

I think we have all experienced a moment in our life when we watch a movie, hear a speech, or see something live that inspires us.  After that experience there is a brief moment in time where we reflect on and evaluate our lives.  How have hearing and seeing these messages inspired us to take […]

5 Tips for Making a Promo Video

Why would you ever want to create a promotional video?  It allows your viewer to experience your world or your product. Video is a powerful tool that brings what you are offering to a person in the comfort of their personal space.  There are many different kinds of promotional videos.  You could be promoting a […]

Martin Luther King Jr. – Race and Ethnicity in Television

At the University of Michigan I took a class called “Race and Ethnicity in Television.” In this class I learned the reason the Civil Rights movement was so successful was because of television. People in their homes could see the injustice being done. It’s the old debate of does TV influence culture or does culture […]