My Resolution to Invest in Work Self-Care

We always find ourselves a little self-reflective when the holidays roll around. You may recollect a year’s worth of memories with family and friends, how you did with your eating or exercise habits, read your goal-set amount of books or even if you got a chance to go on vacation. But what about when it […]

MCCI: The “Anti-Agency” Agency

After running this blog for two and a half months I realize that I’ve told you very little about MCCI. So, here is MCCI in a nutshell… Twenty years ago, MCCI was founded. It’s been an “anti-agency” agency since day one. What I mean to say is that we’re unique. There is no “one size […]

Management, Flattened and Stirred

Flattened management – what is it? First, you can’t talk about flattened management unless you live it. Here at MCCI we encourage all our employees to be a direct part of the decision-making process, and have the freedom to make their own decisions in a range of creative and strategic ways.  This is the core […]