Read Between the Lines in 2017

As we all complete a truly turbulent year (and what year hasn’t been?), we need to hit the pause button and take a look at what happened “between the lines” of all the Hillary, Trump, angst, war and war-like headlines. Here are a few of thousands of “between the lines” stories that hold the real truth […]

What is the Relationship between Public Relations and Marketing?

Often times other industries perceive PR as a silo, off in our own little world… When in reality successful PR is marked by its relationships with other departments like Marketing for example. The very definition of PR (from the Public Relations Society of America) is “A strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between […]

Become Extraordinary Through Visual Creativity

I’ve been working in the video industry for a little over 15 years.  I began as a production assistant, where I was running cables and helping with other various parts of production. Since then, I’ve worn just about every hat from producer and videographer to editor and designer. I’ve even owned and operated my own […]

Storytelling in Corporate Video Production

I’ve been involved in the storytelling business for nearly forty years. I’ve been a photographer, editor, writer, and producer. I’ve worked in television newsrooms with chaotic daily deadlines, and produced documentaries that took more than a year to complete. As the Senior Producer at MCCI, I’ve taken the skill sets I’ve acquired and have applied […]

Pictures Tell the Story More Powerfully

The first huge news story I remember was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy when I was in elementary school. It made me want a job where I could tell the world when important things happened. I became a radio news reporter. A few years into my career a former co-worker asked if I […]