Read Between the Lines in 2017

As we all complete a truly turbulent year (and what year hasn’t been?), we need to hit the pause button and take a look at what happened “between the lines” of all the Hillary, Trump, angst, war and war-like headlines. Here are a few of thousands of “between the lines” stories that hold the real truth […]

MCCI Team Spotlight with Terry Oprea

This week we are recognizing our president and CEO Terry Oprea, the backbone and support system of our office. Without Terry, the MCCI office simply could not function… Not just because he is the driving force behind client acquisition and current client relationships, but because he is responsible creating and maintaining a truly collaborative environment […]

One Stop Shop

A benefit of our recent move to Detroit is that our new space delivers a one-stop shop for capabilities and collaboration. Whether clients work with us for one of our offerings or all five – which include public & media relations, social media, video, web & digital and marketing & advertising – we can now […]

Behind the Scenes with the Architects of the MCCI Office

The MCCI office was designed by the Detroit-based architectural duo of D MET design. Husband and wife Joel Schmidt and Elizabeth Skrisson sat down with the MCCI team to talk about what inspired them as they went about creating our space in the historical Murphy-Telegraph building.   Q: What inspired you about the space? A: […]

Made in Michigan

Embracing local craftsmen and artisans was a key part of MCCI’s new headquarters design and construction strategy. So we worked to outfit our office with a number of features that reflect our passion for Michigan. We hired Detroit architects Joel Schmidt and Elizabeth Skrisson from D MET design – a husband and wife duo – […]