Made in Michigan

Embracing local craftsmen and artisans was a key part of MCCI’s new headquarters design and construction strategy. So we worked to outfit our office with a number of features that reflect our passion for Michigan. We hired Detroit architects Joel Schmidt and Elizabeth Skrisson from D MET design – a husband and wife duo – […]

Why MCCI Chose the Murphy-Telegraph Building

We are loving our new home at the Murphy-Telegraph building in downtown Detroit! There are a number of reasons we chose to relocate – the first is that we simply ran out of room at our previous site for people, communication technology, and creative space. With growing clientele and an expanding team, we now have […]

Why MCCI Loves Detroit

Why Detroit? A lot of factors went into choosing Detroit as our new headquarters. To name a few… The Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC – a client) opened our eyes to all the opportunities Detroit has to offer and the value proposition the move would mean for us. We wanted to work in a walkable […]

MCCI Moves to Detroit

We have big news – MCCI has officially moved to Detroit! Our new address is 155 W. Congress, Suite 501, Detroit, MI 48226 in the Murphy-Telegraph building. Although we’ve had an office in the Renaissance Center for a decade, we’re delighted that our headquarters now resides in the city. We are excited to begin showing […]

Videos Increase Your Value and Give You More Bang for Your Buck

Every company has had this thought at one point or another – ‘I’d love to do video but it’s too expensive’… however, that ‘but’ is where you’re wrong. The value of video today is unprecedented, but nowadays the cost of producing high quality video is much more reasonable compared to a decade or two ago. […]