Lessons Learned from WestJet Airlines in Holiday Story-Telling

Last year WestJet Airlines’ holiday video was everywhere. Everyone was watching and sharing it. As I write this blog post, the 2013 video has 37,541,107 views. Why did people love it? It was a timely story. The video was posted December 8, when holiday traveling typically begins its uptick due to the holidays. There was […]

The Tell All: What You Need to Make a Quality Video

Producing high-quality videos takes more than one person and a good smartphone camera. In fact, sets can vary from small to large, and may involve very many people or just a few. Here at MCCI one day we can be exploring a manufacturing plant and the next we can be in an executive’s office for […]

6 Tips for Being On-Screen

Being the “talent” in front of a camera can be a scary job, especially if it’s your first time. We’ve all been there, the nerves and fear of how you’ll come across… The important thing is to remain calm and trust those around you on the shoot to make your experience easy Still nervous? Here […]

The MCCI Video Process: Client Edition

Preparation Here at MCCI we like to make the editing process enjoyable and simple for our client. This begins in the earliest stages of creating a video: pre-production. During pre-production we discuss the look and feel for the video with the client. Additionally we get details on our interviewee and images that will be complementary […]

The Imagination Behind Animation

With the right tools and creative eye you can create almost anything in the world of animation and motion graphics. One of the best parts of creating something from scratch is that you are in full control of building every element. This can be very time consuming, but also fun and rewarding. One of my […]