The Imagination Behind Animation

With the right tools and creative eye you can create almost anything in the world of animation and motion graphics. One of the best parts of creating something from scratch is that you are in full control of building every element. This can be very time consuming, but also fun and rewarding. One of my […]

Videos Increase Your Value and Give You More Bang for Your Buck

Every company has had this thought at one point or another – ‘I’d love to do video but it’s too expensive’… however, that ‘but’ is where you’re wrong. The value of video today is unprecedented, but nowadays the cost of producing high quality video is much more reasonable compared to a decade or two ago. […]

4 Key Elements to a Successful Corporate Video

Producing a corporate video? Here are four tips to keep you on track in your preparations. 1.     Who are you Talking to? You have to identify who you’re creating the video for. Yes, you must identify your target market (no, not the store Target – where my wife could spend half her day and salary […]

Aiming for the Elusive Viral Video

What do babies, cats, chickens and the 80’s all have in common? All have the potential to become viral videos. Everyone has a favorite viral video. Maybe you found it searching on YouTube, saw it on a friend’s Facebook wall or heard a coworker laughing hysterically in the cube next to you. For me, Keyboard […]

Become Extraordinary Through Visual Creativity

I’ve been working in the video industry for a little over 15 years.  I began as a production assistant, where I was running cables and helping with other various parts of production. Since then, I’ve worn just about every hat from producer and videographer to editor and designer. I’ve even owned and operated my own […]