Channeling Beyoncé for your Brand


As you all know by now, Beyoncé released her sixth album, “Lemonade,” over the weekend – her second visual album, following her multi-platinum self-titled album, “Beyoncé.” Following her one-hour HBO special unveiling her visual album, the album itself premiered on her husband Jay-Z’s music streaming service TIDAL. Now, the album can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon Music, but all of this got me thinking about what a mastermind and marketing machine  Beyoncé’s brand is in 2016.

This is a woman who is in complete control of her own and her family’s image. She rarely gives interviews, and when she does they are on her terms and she guides the message. When she does give an interview the headline is about how amazing it is that she gave an interview. She also promoted her upcoming “Formation” tour after Super Bowl/her appearance in a $5 million commercial advertisement with ‘no warning’ and her fan base (AKA the Beyhive) made the notice go viral. However, I digress…

The album’s messaging itself is riddled with many heavy topics – seemingly her husband’s indiscretion, forgiveness and more. Rather than release a statement, do an interview, have a couples therapy ‘stunt’, etc. Beyoncé gloriously controlled the message (as per usual) through another visual album to tell her story.

Let’s not forget that she gave 24-hour notice to dropping the album itself – she’s done this before, and fans don’t even blink an eye… However, as a PR pro I know the significance of her brand’s power. For her, it’s not necessary to build any momentum, do any promotions, etc. All she has to do is make a move and the Beyhive follows suit immediately. (To understand the Beyhive’s wrath, just look at what they’re doing to Rachel Roy, the suspected woman Jay-Z was unfaithful with.) Frankly, my entire Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds were filled with crazed Beyoncé fans and news outlets reporting on the album… Beyoncé is power.

Even if you don’t like Beyoncé, you have to admit that strength of her brand. Here are some tips to encompass Beyoncé’s power for your brand…


  • Control your message. Be the first to say what you want to convey about your brand – that way you guide what people are saying and feeling.
  • Only take on beneficial opportunities. Don’t do an interview with a publication/broadcast station that doesn’t make sense for your brand. Only create partnerships/relationships with others that are on the same page as you and your brand.
  • Be confident. Don’t back down – do what’s best for your brand and own it.

Good luck embracing your inner Beyoncé; if you need me I’ll be listening to her album.