Consistency + Content = Brand Magnetism


Your company - its brand - should reflect a single consistent mission. Having consistency in your brand representation - and the underlying content that supports it - will compel businesses and people to interact professionally with you.

Always consider two things when creating content: logo consistency and a very, very short tag line.

Having one logo creates a central image that represents your company’s brand and maintains image solidarity. Always use the same core logo for all applications to avoid any confusion.

Apple is a great example. Apple uses the same logo on every product they produce, making it one of the best known brands in the entire world.

The tag line you choose should sum up your company's sensibility, attitude, or world view in a single short phrase. The phrase should be memorable, easy to repeat, and be synergistic with the look, feel and sensibility of your logo.

Here's an example:  when you hear, “Just do it,” who do you think of?


That's the power of a strong tag line.

Here are six things to keep in mind – along with six real examples – while creating an effective tagline for your company:

  1. Convey your company’s impact or value.
    1. Make a Wish Foundation: “Help Grant a Child's Wish Today”
  2. Be memorable.
    1. Nike: “Just do it”
  3. Differentiate your company from your competition.
    1. Levis: “Quality never goes out of style.”
  4. Try to keep it at eight words or less.
    1. IMAX: “Think big.”
  5. Capture your business’ vision.
    1. Apple iPhone 5c: “For the colorful.”
  6. Must take a tone that connects with your stakeholders and audiences.
    1. Bank of America- ‘Life’s better when we’re connected”

MCCI’s tag line, “Tell the world why you’re different!” was selected because we are dedicated to telling our clients’ stories - real story telling makes content come to life.

After taking a look at our tips and examples, does your logo and tag line measure up to your mission? Let me know!

Mean time, MCCI is currently in the process of refreshing our own brand logo and will have a very new look to present to the world very soon. Stay tuned on that one!