How to Create a Successful Website


web2If you want to stand out in your industry, you need a great website. Throughout my time at MCCI, I have created eleven websites for our clients and that number continues to grow. Below are the three things that help us deliver award-winning websites to our clients…

1.) Thorough Research: In order to create a successful website for your client, you really need to get to know them. We first conduct extensive interviews with members of their team who are experts in the areas of focus that are going to be significantly featured. Research is also done on their competitors in terms of website design, user experience (UX) and content  so we can analyze and execute a unique approach to help the finished product stand out in the industry. (We do have the ability to write all the copy for our clients’ websites, thanks to our marketing/PR team.) We also provide SEO counsel so that the copy (whether we write it or the client writes it) is tailored so that the website becomes more visible to its desired audiences. We can implement tools on the backend of websites to ensure optimal SEO as well.

2.) Design: After we have gathered our information, our team evaluates it and we create a foundation to present to the client. Once we agree upon a desired design through various wireframe iterations and overall design conversations, I begin the detailed UX and graphic design phase. The design is always focused around the user’s needs, but it needs to flow with the content of the site.This means analyzing every single detail… We discuss many things such as: Should the navigation tabs appear when you hover or click? How should the hyperlinks appear, in a different color? and more. We ensure the overall look and feel is consistent on each and every single page of the website.

3.) Test: The timeframe for a web project all depends on the scope of the project, size of the site and technical requirements. When it comes down to it, if you don’t test the website properly the hard work of your team would have been for nothing. You need to test, test and then test again before you can launch.

Creating a website is no simple process so we hope that these tips help your organization. After all, a website is a valuable tool to every business and institution, so why not have an amazing one? Contact us today if you’re interested in working with our web team to make your website an outstanding resource for your organization!