How to Create a Video with Heart


When working on videos for our clients, it’s important to really capture the heart of the story. Recently, I stumbled upon a video that really captures the ‘what’ and ‘why’ an organization is trying to get across.shutterstock_298731920

Special Books by Special Kids is a nonprofit organization that promotes acceptance and understanding of children with special needs. It has a series of videos that promote what their organization’s mission is all about– but this particular video on Facebook explores the relationship between Branlynn and McKenzie, who has Down syndrome.

Although the video is brief, it promotes inclusion of all individuals no matter what your intellectual abilities might be. McKenzie loves Branlynn because she assists her with a variety of daily routines. Branlynn loves McKenzie because she’s pretty. We often place boundaries on the people around us and only give to others what’s easy or convenient. In a matter of a minute, true friendship is encapsulated as the two girls show each other love and compassion despite their differences.

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