Creative Inspiration in Editing


As a videographer, editor and visual artist it’s crucial to engage and inspire the audience… To truly show them something they haven't seen before. A lot of this comes down to incorporating fresh styles and cutting-edge techniques, which is exciting because they're always changing.

I began learning the non-linear editing process in middle school, but only in the past few years have I really started to focus on graphics. This is when I began to reinvent my editing and focus on exploring the vast potential for creativity that is offered by the digital world.

While watching television or surfing the web, I enjoy keeping my eyes open for inventive new styles or techniques that break the mold. I like to think about the editor's creative decisions, motivations and the technical processes involved with creating that look or feel. This serves as a great inspiration to me when it comes to breaking the mold myself.

What inspires you to be creative?