A Day in the Life of a Traveling Videographer


It may sound cliché, but every day is different when you are traveling, and this statement is especially true for the members of our video team. Many of our clients host events around the country that want a visual representation… That’s where we come in. Below is the step-by-step process of what usually happens on our trips:

Step 1:   Prepare. Our traveling schedule is sporadic but we always get fair notice to prepare and pack for our shoot(s). We tend to stick to the basics when it comes to equipment, which includes a camera, tripod and compact audio kit. Traveling with any kind of equipment can cause some delays in security but we have not had any major problems. (Once our equipment was even confused for scuba gear.)

Step 2:  Shoot. When we arrive on-site, the days can be up to 16 hours long depending on the timeline and if we’re doing same day editing. For example one of our clients, Storeroom Solutions Inc. (SSI), needed a video turned around right away to show at their events, so we were shooting and editing immediately.

Step 3:  Prepare for anything (again) and enjoy shooting. Every trip is definitely different from the last, but nonetheless they are all pretty memorable. We shot a leadership conference for SSI in New Jersey last year when they declared a snow emergency which resulted in several of the event’s attendees to either be delayed or unable to make it. This conference acts as a time where the global SSI team comes together to discuss where the company stands, priorities and what’s in store for the future - despite the snow it was a successful event that we really enjoyed shooting. On the opposite end of the (weather) spectrum, we traveled to Yuma, AZ to film the EcoCar 2 competition at the General Motors desert proving ground, where it reached about 110 degrees which was very serene, being in the middle of nowhere with mountains all around in those kind of temperatures. EcoCar gives engineering students the chance to design and build environmentally friendly advanced vehicles; even though this was some extreme heat the students did an incredible job and it was an awesome experience to shoot the process.

Traveling as often as the MCCI video team does constantly puts you in new situations and you get to experience new things, which is a truly amazing experience. Do you need a video? Contact us today!