Detroit Corner: Destinations


Spring/summer is finally here and it is about time that Detroiters get outside and enjoy this lovely weather. Historically, Detroit is home to several “getaways” that residents would flock to for a short break from the city. For this Detroit Corner, here are some of these sites that are still popular today.Belle Isle 1

Campus Martius: Before Campus Martius was covered in food trucks it was covered by military as it used to be a parade field. In fact it’s name means “Military Camp.” Like it is today, whenever something major happened in the city, this is where Detroiters gathered. For example, the day after President Lincoln was assassinated an impromptu memorial service was held there.

Belle Isle: Named after Governor Lewis Cass’ daughter Isabelle, Belle Isle’s name literally means “Beautiful Island.” The island, (the largest city-owned park in the U.S.,) is where Detroiters flocked during the warm summer months to escape the city. It was home, and still is, to a conservatory, aquarium, casino, the Dossin Great Lakes Museum among other attractions.

Boblo Island: Home to an amusement park with the same name, the island is actually located in Canada just above to mouth of the Detroit River.  There were two steamers that ran from Detroit to the island called “Bob-Lo Boats” and some say that the boat rides were just as fun as the park itself. The park closed in 1993. though there is still an effort to restore the Bob-Lo Boats.

I hope you remember these facts/locations the next time you are in the city, and look at Detroit in a new exciting way!