Facebook Update: Messenger App


Have you heard? Facebook is now requiring users to install a separate app to use their message function. This app is called Messenger. The company’s tag line for the app is “Free texting from Facebook.”

It’s interesting that all public forms of Facebook interactions are remaining on the main app, but private conversations are now differentiated. What’s Facebook’s angle?

like signDoes this mean that Facebook would rather focus its main efforts on ‘out-in-the-open’ relationships? Whether it be friend to friend, consumer to consumer, business to consumer or business to business? OR Does it signify their ventures into more mobile territory? (OR something else?)

Regardless of the connotation of this move by Facebook, one thing is clear… Social media is a moving target of ever-expanding communication channels. It is imperative, now more than ever, for everyone (particularly businesses/organizations) to stay updated on Facebook and other platforms’ updates in order to understand how to create and distribute content.

What do you think Facebook’s trying to accomplish?