Grab Their Attention: Marketing to 3 Different Generations


With new integrated approaches to marketing, brands need to find unique ways to target their specific audience(s), which includes age. To do this, it’s good to be up-to-date on research that provides insight on how to create content that will reach these three unique audiences. Below is a breakdown of three generations and what content you should produce to grab their attention, engage with that audience and encourage them to think about your brand:

  • Baby Boomers (born between 1946-1964) - Baby Boomers are loyal to the brands they use more so than other generations. Research also shows their love of sales/coupons as well as showing that they DO use social media (contrary to what some may believe!). As of April 2017, 46% of Baby Boomers are posting on Facebook. When it comes to content, they prefer shorter videos, but don’t be afraid to use traditional copy and email marketing since they enjoy reading longer content, too. 
  • Generation X (born between 1965-1982) - Having an authentic brand approach sticks out to Gen Xers as many hold a desire for security and “no tricks.” Some still have an appreciation for standard mail, but if you utilize social media to try to appeal to their financial responsibility, you may have their loyalty for years to come. Finally, create a video. More than 75% download or stream a video at least once a month. 
  • Millennials (born between 1983-2004) - Millennials do not like the impersonal approach of traditional ads and marketing but trust what their peers are saying about a product or service. They appreciate content and campaigns that are transparent. From a social media perspective, they make up 59% of Instagram users, 88% of Facebook users, 36% of Twitter users and 37% of Snapchat users. When marketing to Millennials, be sure to appeal to their values since they are more likely to embrace and use products by brands that are making a difference.

At MCCI, we research our client’s target audience, utilize the trends in marketing and social media, and create content that reflects the brand’s image and voice. Let us help you tell the world why you’re different!