Holiday Commercials Done Right


It is that time of year again. The regular run-of-the-mill ads are long gone and are instantly replaced with the “pull-at-your-heartstrings” holiday-themed ads. Sappiness aside, these types of ads have the power to draw customers in. Below are some companies and organizations that did holiday marketing right his year:

Amazon: Amazon went beyond the divisiveness happening around the world right now and found a way to put together two different viewpoints and create a meaningful ad. The ad starts with a Catholic priest walking to the door, and contrary to the popular punchline, it is a Muslim imam on the other side instead of a rabbi. After having a discussion over a cup of tea and aching knees, the men part ways. A little while later, they each find Amazon Prime boxes on their doorsteps which contain knee supports.

Knee supports aside, Amazon went beyond the usual product promotion strategy. They showed how their services can connect friends and break boundaries.

Comcast: A good ad utilizes different emotions, such as humor, to convey their message. In our fast-paced society, no WiFi is practically unacceptable and what better way than to make fun of this fact by creating an ad about it? Comcast grabs the viewer’s attention with the various social posts of grandchildren saying that they are “entering the gates of hell” of a tech-free environment of their grandparents.

Not only does this ad appeal to different demographics, but it is also relatable. For tech-free grandparents, Comcast is there to help install various electronics. For millennials, it is the fear of data limits and overage fees. The trans-generational appeal of the ad made it all the more enjoyable for audiences – especially hearing Grandpa say, “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!”

Apple: The holidays are all about inclusion. Apple takes this approach when Frankenstein leaves his secluded home and enters a town square where a tree lighting ceremony is beginning. After the initial shock of his presence sets in, he goes to the middle and starts to sing the famous Christmas carol, “There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays”. Eventually, everyone joins in.

Apple reminds us through this simple story to remember those who are alone and how even the smallest gesture can make an impact on that individual and those around you.

So when you’re nuzzled on the couch with your family and loved ones, pay a little extra attention to those Christmas commercials – usually, the message is one to make the holidays a little more special. What companies do you think made a big impact with their holiday ads this year? Happy Holidays!