Holiday Marketing Done Right


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Most wonderful time for retail holiday marketing that is! There are many ways for companies to attract audiences in the holiday season: social media, flyers/direct mail, billboards, etc. Here are some successful examples of holiday marketing this year:

  1. Stella & Dot, one of my favorite accessories lines, only sent out a handful of eblasts between black Friday and cyber Monday. Each message had a few simple graphics/gifs and had some seriously good deals (see below). As a previous/continuous customer, I appreciate that the emails were targeted towards products I like.stella
  1. John Lewis is a department store with a smart marketing team. The company’s holiday ad ( has been making waves in London media, and all around the world on social media (#ManOnTheMoon), It’s come up in my Facebook feed countless times, and each time I see more comments/engagement. It’s always a plus to appeal to your audience’s sentimental side.
  2. Target’s whimsical ad campaign has just the right balance appeal to adults and child (Ad 1; Ad2). With partners like Disney it’s hard to go wrong. What’s better is that the campaign is tied to something physical, the Wonderland store in New York. Leveraging both digital and physical means to appeal to your audience is always a win.
  3. While not a holiday-related ad, GEICO’s spoof on lunchtime in the office kitchen with Europe’s Final Countdown as a backdrop has been running hot and heavy all season. The ad is so hilarious; I just had to throw it on the list because it makes me giggle every time I see it.

The holidays are a great time to appeal to your audience, make sure you’re reaching out to them on the right platforms!