How to Create a Content Machine in Your Organization


Many of our clients have plenty to talk about: what they know, what they build, how they serve and how they're different. The problem? It’s difficult to regularly "download" that content from busy executives, workers and other stakeholders.

We found a compelling way to get that content so it can be used in multiple ways, for multiple purposes and through multiple communication channels: video.

In its own right, video almost universally gets more traction than text alone, or even text with photos. At the same time, the video production and interviewing process acts as the center of a content "machine" that feeds social media, web, blogs, live presentations, sales materials, media releases, internal communications, employee meetings and shareholder interactions.

For some reason, client stakeholders tend to prioritize video interviews above requests for other interview opportunities that don't involve multimedia. But during those multimedia interviews, we're able to get more content and quotes than needed for each video. So we create transcripts of the interviews for client communicators to use that first-person content for many other purposes.

Additionally, the actual videos that are ultimately produced can be re-edited for different purposes: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, web, live presentations, etc.

Video allows you to squeeze every ounce of content out of your stakeholders to feed all of your communication and marketing channels. If you need more content for your organization, it’s time to seriously consider video.