How to Hire an Agency Part 2 of 2


I talked about what an Agency should be asking you in some of your first conversations. I’d like to shift to a few things they should be talking about themselves and your partnership.

  • Agency role. You should be shopping for a partnership. Make sure the agency is offering to work together on your strategic goals rather than just being a company to which you only outsource. Initiative and problem solving are key.
  • Flexibility. The agency understands that sometimes there is a need to shift the approach. If results are not apparent, then tactic re-evaluation should be allowed in the contract. For example, let’s say the agency thinks Facebook is perfect for you, but late it appears you don’t get much traction. Your agency should use other tactics to make Facebook come alive. But if traction continues to be tepid, there are other platforms that may be more to your advantage.
  • Content/Story-Telling. Frequent question: “Do we need an agency that specializes in our industry?” An agency should demonstrate its ability to develop content and tell your story effectively. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expert in your field, as long as it's able to understand your business and how it relates to your industry. At MCCI, we have roots in journalism which helps in crafting a compelling message that resonates with your audience.

A good partnership is always a win-win. Feel free to drop me a line with any questions about what to look for in an agency!