How a Marketing VP can Benefit from MCCI Video Production


Today more than ever, we know companies expect more out of their marketing teams which makes it difficult for the companies that have only a few people to handle these increasing demands. At MCCI, we understand the multiple demands of marketing and we do what we can to make the production process easy. Below are a few ways marketing professionals benefit from working with our team of video professionals:

Approach. To create marketing videos, it is important to collaborate with the client. The client brings the knowledge of the product or service and the target demographic; our video team brings expertise. Together, we work through the creative and pre-production process to hone those ideas into a workable script or concept that can be created within budget.

Freedom. Once the video team takes over, the client’s hands get freed up to focus on other marketing efforts. This provides you with the ability to have a minimal time investment for the production. MCCI can take on the time-consuming tasks of script writing, creative conceptualization, producing, production scheduling, props, shooting, art direction, directing, interviewing and post-production.

Style. We know our clients have an image and a brand. We customize our productions to who you are and what you are all about. We don’t offer a cookie cutter video product but a video solution to match your style. The video designer can create a supporting look and feel to match the corporate brand guidelines, corporate image, or a specific product marketing campaign.

Capacity. MCCI has a wide variety of production and post-production equipment in-house to make sure the entire production process is a success. Many of our clients enjoy coming in to be a part of the creative process in one of our editing suites or doing digital review from the convenience of their own office.

People. We are storytellers and know in order to have impact, you need authentic strong content. Our team is experienced in working with our other integrated marketing channels: Public & Media Relations, Social Media, Web & Digital and Marketing & Advertising. This internal corporate culture allows us to blend well with your team and create impactful videos that really tell your story.

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