MCCI COVID-19 Communication: We’re here to help


As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues its spread across the United States, our agency wants to let all clients know we, as an extension of your team and more than just a partner, are here to help you navigate through challenges in communications.

With the wave of change this virus has inflicted upon businesses and nonprofit organizations nationwide, it is important for you to be ready with your communication.

Consider some of these content-related tips:

  • Proactive and reactive media statements:Regardless of the industry you’re in, COVID-19 is the leading media story worldwide. Be prepared with a holding statement just in case your organization is asked for comment on anything COVID-19 related.
  • Social media posts: It’s important to remember that social media is a great tool to get information out quickly. However, it needs to be informative, not inflammatory to be most effective. People are flooded with misinformation - be a trusted source during any crisis.
  • Video/graphics: Video content can be invaluable at a time like this when so many people are working remotely. Most attention spans are short, so having the ability to cut through a sea of information with video is invaluable.
  • Website updates: Be prepared to update your website in a timely manner with accurate information. This is where most people go to learn more about you, so having up to date, accurate information is imperative.
  • Internal communications: Your internal stakeholders, employees (and their families) and investors are all looking for you to lead. Making sure that your HR department is ready to answer questions and give information in the form of executive emails, blogs, and other forms of communication can help ease fears and calm nerves.
  • Crisis planning: Now more than ever, crisis planning is very essential for companies and organizations to follow in the event of a crisis. While these plans encompass much of what’s already been mentioned, it’s found that these efficiently guide our clients when time is of the essence.

Our team is available 24/7 to help with any of your COVID-19 communications needs. We are also here to help you with your communications once you resume normal operations.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.