MCCI Favorite Halloween Costumes


shutterstock_217534624Halloween is quickly approaching and there is an excitement in the air at MCCI. In celebration, members of our team wanted to take the moment to share their favorite Halloween costumes!

  • Rachel Bair: In the spirit of the upcoming game, I'm going with a U of M cheerleader when I was a kid.
  • Lisa Hubbs: I have two favorites ... a couple of years Jim (my husband) and I did road rallies for Halloween. Once we dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head where we had inter-changeable velcro parts, lips, eyes, hats, purses, etc.  Another year we were Mr. and Mrs. Jolly Green Giants. Obviously my husband was the giant!
  • Chris Heaton: I went to a jungle-themed Halloween party last year and needed a costume. I put on some of my hunting gear and then went to my yard, cut some branches, taped them to my outfit and went to the party as a bush.
  • Katie Rebella: I was batwoman, Victor (my husband) was batman, my dog was batdog and my son (who was 6 months old at the time) was Robin. 🙂
  • Greg Zonca: When I was probably 7 years old my grandmother gave me a real looking cowboy outfit. I looked official and loved it.
  • Garrett Ekstrom: My friend and I were on our way to a Halloween party straight after work and we decided to keep our chefs outfits on.
  • Pat Radice: My favorite Halloween costume was actually one my Granny made for my Dad. It was more Harlequin than clown - red and golden-bronze satin with a multi-pointed collar that had tiny bronze bells sewn to it, and a conical hat with a hand-made yarn pom-pom on top.
  • Maggie Jackson: I am a total history geek, so one year, when Pirates of the Caribbean came out, I raided every thrift store and put together an 18th century gown based off Elizabeth Swann.
  • Terry Oprea: I wore a full body caterpillar suit and accidentally scared the daylights out of my granddaughter's friend.
  • Kim Stricker: Carrie - it was the only time I was able to reuse one of the "bridesmaid dresses" in my closet. I covered it in fake blood and added a tiara!