Meet our agency's newest team members!

At MCCI, we are always eager to grow our amazing team.

The new additions bring a mix of skill sets, from graphic design to project management to public relations and social media writing. This combination of great skill sets will add to the talents and industry knowledge already present at MCCI.

Without further ado, here are the new team members:

Breanna, Nicole, Anthony, and Martina!


Breanna Simmons

Favorite color: Midnight Blue

Favorite movie: The Shining

Our most recent hire is Breanna Simmons, graphic designer. Breanna studied at Wayne State University and earned a bachelor's of arts, majoring in graphic design and layout.

Breanna has experience with a variety of design work for Custom Threads and Sports in Lake Orion. Breanna created new apparel designs for high school and college sports teams, paired fonts to designs, and produced print-ready files, designs, and logos. In addition, Breanna developed a series of design and Photoshop mockups for customers. In her spare time, Breanna is the graphic designer for an art magazine based in Detroit called The Moonlight Magazine.

Breanna works closely with MCCI's creative director and art director. As an innovative graphic designer, Breanna works with a variety of clients and projects in print and digital formats. Examples include, brochures, presentation materials and website design, among other types of work.

Outside of creating and designing, Breanna enjoys cooking, working out, rollerblading, and traveling.


Nicole Madigan

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite book: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Nicole Madigan is MCCI's new Project Coordinator. Nicole is a project manager with 7 years of customer, vendor, and project management experience. She has worked with major Detroit corporations, including General Motors and AAA Auto Club Group.

Prior to joining MCCI, Nicole worked in facilities management, including implementing a new housekeeping route program to increase cleaning efficiency for over 12 million square feet of industrial buildings. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Nicole also led efforts to implement extra cleaning of highly touched surfaces, such as bathroom surfaces, to help mitigate any potential exposure risk.

She also incorporated portable device and touch technology to help track housekeeping efficiency, and create opportunities for continuous improvement. Nicole has a Bachelor's of Arts in creative writing from Western Michigan and a bachelor's of business administration and marketing from Cleary University.

At MCCI, Nicole leads resource planning discussions and decision-making and spearheads the day-to-day tracking of projects with the agency's software tools. She also assists with coordinating integrated marketing projects. Nicole is a devoted foodie in Metro Detroit and also loves to write science fiction novels. Nicole has self-published "Psychogen" and "Rebel." These are two Science Fiction Adventure novels and part of the Galactic Syndicate Cycle series.


Anthony Benacquisto

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite book: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

Anthony Benacquisto is MCCI's new Designer and Web Developer. Anthony is a digital-first designer who focuses on user experience-based approaches. Whether it’s designing a website or recommending a custom technical solution, Anthony always advocates and furthers the audience experience.

Anthony owned his own web development company before joining MCCI and is greatly experienced in all of the Adobe design platforms, along with being very proficient in WordPress design tools and plugins. He has worked closely with clients to represent their vision through their websites, and his previous clients include Parent Action for Healthy Kids, the Cardinal Club of Detroit, and others.

Anthony is a proficient WordPress Developer, with experience in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and Python, along with having experience with Linux operating systems. He is currently actively working on all MCCI web development projects and is interested in learning more about React Native, a javascript framework.

Anthony studies at Oakland University and is working toward completing his bachelor's of science in computer science. Anthony has a wide range of interests such as increasing financial education, horticulture, and programming projects.


Martina Rabajoli

Favorite color: Sage Green

Favorite movie: Mamma Mia

The fourth addition to the MCCI team is Martina Rabajoli, our Account Executive, who works closely with account team members on a variety of clients and assignments. Martina is immersed in the world of social media and integrated marketing along with responsibilities in public and media relations.

Prior to joining MCCI, Martina moved from Italy and aided her mother in opening an Italian restaurant - Cucina Lab Torino - which opened in Troy, Mich. during the Covid-19 pandemic. Martina was responsible for marketing, social media strategy, website development, creative content management, and the public and media relations of the restaurant. Martina secured coverage for the restaurant in local newspapers, exponentially grew its social media following, and established the brand during a difficult time for many businesses.

Martina earned a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies at Wayne State University. She works closely with public relations clients such as Forgotten Harvest, Honigman LLP, Bowman Consulting, and the Great Lakes Governors and Premiers. In addition to her work in public relations, Martina helps run MCCI's blog and social media platforms.

Through her work with small businesses, such as her mother's restaurant, Martina enjoys creating meaningful relationships between clients and customers and properly representing brands' goals in marketing communications of any kind. Martina is passionate about traveling, nutrition, and the outdoors, and loves visiting her homeland and family in Italy.

We are happy to have such interesting and unique individuals on our team!