MCCI Makeup


One thing that’s really important to us here at MCCI is our culture. All of us come from different backgrounds and offer many different perspectives, which means we have super-power brainstorming capabilities to better serve our clients’ needs. Not only does this make us more creative, but it also allows us to have a lot of fun together. Our unique blend of personalities is what makes MCCI a great place to work.

We have a staff member who knows a lot about a lot - you name it, from Greek mythology to pop culture to sports facts, this person knows it. We have a staff member who can quote an endless number of Seinfeld episodes. And another who you can find singing from time to time, who happens to have a background in musical theater. I could go on and on…

Needless to say we have quite the array of characters in our office. My point? MCCI’s ability to provide top-notch integrated marketing services for our clients is the direct result of our culture. Our culture is rooted in the diverse personalities found in our office, the wonderful relationships built within our staff and the positive atmosphere in which we work.

What’s your culture like?