MCCI News Item: Oak Park Logo Refresh


The MCCI Creative team recently worked closely with Oak Park Schools to create a bold new logo and brand guidelines.

A logo is a visual representation of an organization’s brand. It’s designed to conjure an immediate positive perception to the viewer. It also functions as a cultural reminder for the organization as it pursues its mission. In Oak Park’s logo, the shield represents trust, honor and strength. The tree pays tribute to the deep roots regarding the community and wisdom.

“We’re proud of our brand, and it enhances our recognition and association with a high-quality education through visual repetition, professionalism, and by ensuring our materials share a consistent message,” says Oak Park Schools Superintendent Jamii Hitchcock.

Oak Park’s brand standards were written to hold its brand in the same regard as brands of major companies, sports teams and universities. Oak Park Schools is a public-service institution with the most valuable of missions: to ensure their inclusive learning community provides the best academic and social experiences by educating the whole child, one child at a time.

“Our goal is to cultivate visionary leaders and compassionate citizens engaged in the global community, and now we have a world-class brand to match the depth of our mission. We must display it with pride and the reverence it deserves and it will help demonstrate the Oak Park advantage to the world,” Dr. Hitchcock added.