MCCI Team Spotlight with Jessica Janda


Jessica_02This week we recognize Jessica Janda, our Graphic/Web Designer. Jessica is an award-winning designer, who has assisted on many MCCI projects. She’s helped our team move the needle on countless web designs, digital advertisements and more. She has the biggest smile, and is a wonderful team player. Read what Jessica has to say about MCCI below!

What do you love about MCCI?

The people! MCCI really is a family, made up of a whole cast of characters. I feel so lucky to know such a hardworking and supportive group. I've never left a work day at MCCI without many laughs and smiles.

Explain your role as a part of the MCCI family.

It's a pleasure to say that I am a graphic and web designer at MCCI. I began working with the MCCI team a year and a half ago and have been lucky enough to work with everyone on a whole range of fun and dynamic projects.

What’s the most challenging part of your job? Most rewarding?

The most challenging part is always getting started. Designing graphics, campaigns or identities for a client is a series of trial and error, and nothing really ever goes in a straight line. Everything begins with a problem and ends with a solution -- and if you're doing it right, your solution will be visually beautiful as well. The most rewarding part of this job is watching a client leave feeling proud of the new work that represents them and their organization. It's like helping someone learn to speak more clearly or broadcast more openly.

How do you spend your time outside the office?

Aside from working on a lot of personal projects, I serve as a youth mentor to a teen-owned and operated technology and design co-op known as Radical Productions (check them out!). We recently acquired our own space, a former funeral home, and have been renovating it into co-working offices, a cafe and screen print shop. In addition to youth mentorship, I serve on the board of Grace In Action Collectives, a nonprofit that facilitates the creation and development of co-op and collective business models in southwest Detroit with the larger vision of creating economic justice and racial equity within our community.

Where is your favorite place on earth and why?

Mexico City! I've never been anywhere else that has so much energy, spirit and character. Each neighborhood is distinctly different from the last and the streets are full of bright colors, beautiful plants and the most welcoming people. Downtown Mexico City is the most architecturally interesting place I've been to as well. The juxtaposition of aztec temples with European cathedrals is a surreal experience. And then there's also super cheap beer and tacos. You can't go wrong.