MCCI Team Spotlight with Kim Stricker


This week, we are recognizing our Social Media Manager, Kim Stricker. With over six years of experience just in the social realm alone and a solid combination of advertising and project management experience, she is MCCI’s guru! Her expertise in social media management and strategizing, allows her to help companies do what she does best - effectively incorporate social media into their overall marketing mix and excel in the medium by giving their brand a strong voice in the community. Read what Kim has to say about MCCI below!

What do you love about MCCI?

I love the people first and foremost. They all have diverse backgrounds but all have the same philosophy in how they approach marketing and PR. I also love that we have such a diverse number of clients in many different industries.

Explain your role as a part of the MCCI family?

I develop and implement social media and digital strategy to meet client needs (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, blogging, etc.). I also provide counsel on how to use social media as well as digital advertising.

What’s the most challenging part of your job? Most rewarding?

The most challenging and most rewarding part of my job are one in the same. The fact that everything in this field changes so quickly, means you have to be on top of everything. This can be challenging when you wake up in the morning and there's a new feature that has rolled out. The rewarding part of working with social media means no two days are a like; there’s always something new and up in coming so I am constantly challenged to learn new things.

How do you spend your time outside of the office?

I do a lot of sailing, I actually compete with Rose (Senior Communications Supervisor). I have two wiener dogs, so I spend alot of time outdoors with them and my husband. Cooking has also become one of my passions.

What's your favorite 90s jam and why?

Anything relating to Prince - his music is one of my guilty pleasures. I’ve actually been to his concert a few times, he’s awesome.