MCCI Team Spotlight with Phil Swantek


This week we are recognizing our Senior Director and Producer, Phil Swantek. He is the driving force behind all things video. His expertise, creativity and grace under pressure are what make Phil such a valuable asset to MCCI. Even more so, he genuinely cares about the people he is working with and does everything he can to make sure they are always enjoying their job and that their needs are addressed. Phil wears a constant smile and breathes life into the MCCI video team. See what Phil has to say about MCCI below!

What do you love about MCCI?

I love working in this atmosphere and in this new environment (Detroit); how can you not love it? I know its cliché and trite, but I work with wonderful people. They are talented and responsible, creative and energetic, they’re fun. If I ever need to turn to a different channel for help, such as the PR team or web design, they jump right in. It’s neat when you can ask anyone for anything and they are eager to help. I also really love the popcorn machine.

Explain your role as a part of the MCCI family.

As the production manager, I make sure that all my personnel are properly equipped with the right gear to make sure they can get their projects done. I am constantly receiving feedback from them as to best practices so that we can learn from any challenges we encounter in the field. I used to do a lot of shooting and editing so I know what they are going through and I want to make their job as easy as I can.

What’s the most challenging part of your job? Most rewarding?

The most challenging part would have to be keeping track of all the projects and videos we are working on. We are trying to produce our videos as efficiently as possible while also making sure the client is pleased with the final project; it can be tough. The people I work with make my job rewarding. My video team consists of a group of people that are excited about their jobs; although they work for me, they work with me too – it’s a great balance. Also, it’s so gratifying when you put your heart, mind and soul into telling a story and you feel you’ve nailed that video and the client tells gives you that same feedback, it’s a great feeling.

How do you spend your time outside the office?

I spend a lot of time with my family: my wife, my boys and my daughter. You can always find me helping my boys fix their cars. I love to squeeze in an episode of “Seinfeld” or “Frasier” whenever I get a chance and am not outside fishing or waterskiing. Just last week, one of my boys caught a 42 inch Muskie and we weren’t even fishing for them! It was pretty cool!

If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life which one would it be and why?

It would have to be “It’s a Wonderful Life” because it’s a beautiful story about love and redemption.