MCCI Thanksgiving Traditions - What's Yours?


The MCCI team has several unique Thanksgiving traditions they are looking forward to observing this year.

  • Mike Scott: My favorite traditions for Thanksgiving traditionally are watching the Detroit parade and the Lions with family, and discussing how pathetic the Lions always are. One of my new favorite traditions for Thanksgiving weekend is going out shopping with our two daughters on Friday afternoon of Thanksgiving weekend (after all the crazy shoppers are already home). It's good daddy/daughter time, plus there are still good savings even after the Black Friday morning rush.
  • Mark Lane: My favorite Thanksgiving Tradition is preparing and cooking a turkey with my wife for the past 17 years.
  • Lisa Hubbs: Watching the parade while prepping for dinner with the family and watching Lions football.
  • Anthony Whittaker: My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is sleeping in, and enjoying a slow morning with my family. This is often followed by a light dinner in the afternoon. Later, we all head to my cousin's house for more food, fellowship and Lions football!
  • Pat Radice: We bake! Everyone is welcome in the kitchen to grab a rolling pin and pitch in. Everything is fresh for the traditional meal, and it's complimented by homemade braided bread, pumpkin bread and at least two made-from-scratch pies: pumpkin and apple. And, we have homemade cinnamon rolls to enjoy with tea as we prepare the meal. Who needs turkey???!!
  • Erica Bush: Thanksgiving entails at least three rounds of food, tons of pigskin TV (cheering on the Detroit Lions), either Euchre, Rummy or Cribbage, and of course, trips down memory lane with my family. I'm a world-renowned stuffing chef, too.
  • Katie Rebella: My family always introduces a new recipe every year. Some of the dishes we make have been served every Thanksgiving for the last 30 years so it's always nice for us to mix it up and introduce new flavors as part of our tradition - and the stories that come with them.
  • Rachel Bair: While the location of celebration may vary, my favorite tradition is food-related...have to have the jellied cranberry sauce!
  • Garrett Ekstrom: My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is not having any traditions. Variety is the spice of life. 🙂
  • Maggie Jackson: Thanksgiving is pretty chill for my family. We usually get together with a few friends and eat, a lot!

Share your traditions below! MCCI wishes you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!