MCCI: The “Anti-Agency” Agency


After running this blog for two and a half months I realize that I’ve told you very little about MCCI. So, here is MCCI in a nutshell...

Twenty years ago, MCCI was founded. It’s been an "anti-agency" agency since day one. What I mean to say is that we’re unique. There is no “one size fits all” solution for our clients. We believe that intimacy with clients is the cornerstone of success, and from the moment we meet with potential clients, we listen. We listen and we ask questions so that we have a full understanding of their organization and their vision so that we can provide strategic solutions.

Even the way we service our clients is different. Each client has several MCCI employees working on their account that range from senior leadership to entry-level "creative-class" team members. And we offer a lot of different services. As a fully integrated marketing firm we specialize in:

  • Public and media relations
  • Video
  • Web and digital
  • Social media
  • Marketing and advertising

Agencies are usually stereotyped as "quick to go for the money." At MCCI? That’s not our style. We look to see if a potential client is a good fit for us, and if we’re a good fit for them. Then we determine if we’ll move forward. Another stereotype is that agencies hire a lot of people when large accounts are signed and fire employees when those accounts go away. We have VERY low attrition at MCCI., i.e. we believe in our staff and it's always our intent to keep our employees around for an extended period of time. Even when times get tough, like the 2009 economic downturn, we had no layoffs in our organization.

MCCI isn't your stereotypical agency. We strive to be the most unique, personal and genuine “anti-agency” agency each and every day.