MCCI’s New Look


I mentioned a few weeks ago that Mort Crim Communications, Inc. (MCCI) is getting a new, refreshed look and feel, reflected in our logo, our messaging, our web site, and some other big commitments. Well folks, it’s finally beginning to happen!

We're making the changes to reflect our evolution as a company over the past two decades. Today we offer a complete suite of marketing, PR and digital communication services - fully integrated, to support the increasingly complex needs of the corporate, government and not for profit segments we serve.

First, here's our thinking about the new logo:

  • MCCI is common shorthand for our firm - so we're fully embracing it.
  • The logo is straightforward, honest, and conclusive - just like our people.
  • The emanating exclamation point means creative, expanding impact!
  • "Integrated marketing" is increasingly what our clients demand & we deliver.

MCCI services are broken down to 5 key channels. Some clients need support from MCCI in only one or two channels; others need all channels provided by MCCI as their full service agency. Here they are:

  • Public & Media Relations
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Web & Digital
  • Marketing & Advertising

MCCI fully integrates its work with that of our clients to support seamless, smooth operations. We take the time to understand our partners, their differentiators, their mission, vision and values before we create strategies, content and story-rich solutions.

There are a lot of exciting changes going on at MCCI in addition to our refreshed, reflective identity. We’ve continued to grow with the addition of a number of creative and knowledgeable staff members over the past year. There's more to come - including a new, very cool, rebranded web site that's under development - and a major brand investment that we'll be announcing shortly.

We'll keep you guessing for a few weeks on that last item!