Measuring Marketing


If you’re trying to build your business, chances are you strive to listen to and engage your potential customers. Then, no doubt, you execute your marketing strategies accordingly. But don’t you want to know how effective you’ve been?

Measuring your business’ marketing is crucial for success. Data matters. Measuring marketing activities allows you to know whether or not your efforts are being received positively from your targeted audiences. A strategy should always be constructed around measurable outcomes, because quantifying success allows future strategies to be born.

Let’s look at an example using a large educational organization that we recently served. The school needed to see an increase in its enrollment. After strategizing, we were able to create multiple broadcast, digital and other media advertising assets that directed targeted audiences to one unique web page.

In this case we were able to measure the number of highly qualified enrollment leads as a result of our advertising campaign that drove parents and students to that content-rich, unique web site. The site had a very short front page web information form to fill out for more information. We measured the number of people receiving the advertising messages, the number of people who went to the web site as a result, the number of people who filled out the form, and the number of people who ultimately enrolled. The result? An 11% enrollment increase.

We could determine the ratio of people who viewed the advertising message versus those who were willing to fill out the form with their contact information. Now we had data that spoke volumes about how to broaden and scale up the campaign to get even more enrollment!

With measurement, businesses can weigh the pros and cons of their strategies. and adjust how they meet the marketplace accordingly. In the case of our example, the strategy was incredibly successful.

Yours can be, too!