Michigan Nonprofit Association Collabs With MCCI to Create COVID-19 Resource Site


MNA is a statewide membership organization dedicated to serving the diverse nonprofit sector through advocacy, training, and resources.

COVID-19 has impacted every organization, and that’s especially true for nonprofits, which have relied on outside resources to help them navigate the pandemic.

Michigan Nonprofit Association, in collaboration with Co.Act Detroit, Michigan Community Resources and Council of Michigan Foundations, understood that need and developed a microsite to provide nonprofits with those resources and access to policy/advocacy efforts.

MCCI developed the microsite, mnacovidresponse.org, so nonprofits could go to one place to download information about government programs, financial resources, HR and legal documents, and more. Resources include PPP loan forgiveness FAQs, grant applications and a COVID-19 “dashboard” of resources.

The site has become the go-to resource for the state’s nonprofit community, and we recently began to expand it to provide a more in-depth “toolkit” of resources that include videos and fact sheets.