Millennials do know how to read and write


Millennials have been underestimated for some time now. Frequently, Millennials are criticized for gloating about their childhood trophies and achievements without understanding the fundamentals of hard work. Although this younger generation is tech-savvy, there is a fear that Millennials are not reading and writing enough… Which leads to the assumption that they are uniformed and self-absorbed in their own worlds of ‘population me’.

writeOn the contrary, Millennials are reading and writing more than ever, just in non-traditional ways. One of the main concerns is that because Millennials are so heavily dependent on technology as a form of communication, this may interfere negatively with their ability to write formally, or write at all past “LOL”. 

According to Pew Research, 93% of teens claim they write purely for pleasure, and no, I am not referring to texting. Because  60% of teens do not acknowledge texting as a form of “writing.” Also, 86% of teens believe proficient writing skills are crucial to future success. AND 83% of parents of teens believe strong writing skills are more important today than when they were younger.

Millennials are aware of the fact that reading and writing are skills that may greatly impact their futures. How they go about developing such skills is a different story.

According to a post by Millennial Marketing, Joe O’Shea, a 22-year-old student attending Florida State says, ”Sitting down and going through a book from cover to cover doesn’t make sense…I can get all the information I need faster through the web. You need to know how to do it – to be a skilled hunter.”

In the same posting, Don Tapscott claims that through the development of scanning skills, the younger generation is predicted to “be able to execute certain perceptual tasks more rapidly, and may maintain more items in working memory.”

And just because Millennials are scanning does not mean they are reading less. The average person in 2006 consumed about 60 minutes of daily news whereas today the average person consumes 72 minutes of daily news.

What do you think? Are Millennials judged too harshly?