Opening the Door to Editing


Growing up I used to recruit my friends and siblings to act in my latest and greatest movie idea. Unfortunately I didn't own editing software, which forced my talent to be one take wonders and create our own special effects.

I finally saved enough money to purchase my first editing software and I couldn't have been more excited! I could remove bad takes, add music, shorten takes, change the pacing, add transitions, the list goes on. I couldn't wait to start editing the story just the way I wanted to tell it.

Alfred Hitchcock is someone I admire for his eye for editing. I recently read an article which discussed the “Crop Duster” scene from Hitchcock’s 1959 American spy thriller, North by Northwest. This iconic scene took an incredible amount of creativity and planning. What’s more amazing is that 61 different camera angles were used and edited resulting in an perfectly paced, suspense-filled four minutes.

It's really in the editing room that you create and tell the story that you want. You're in control.