Read Between the Lines in 2017


As we all complete a truly turbulent year (and what year hasn't been?), we need to hit the pause button and take a look at what happened "between the lines" of all the Hillary, Trump, angst, war and war-like headlines. Here are a few of thousands of "between the lines" stories that hold the real truth of what sits in the hearts of so many people in this nation and in our world:

  • I was standing in the grocery line, and was about to pay my bill with my credit card, when a woman behind me threw some cash in front of me and said something like, "I just had something really good happen to me. I want to pay your bill just because I'm grateful."
  • In Tehran, Iran, anonymous philanthropists set up an outdoor "Wall of Kindness" with clothing hooks on it. A sign behind it invites residents to hang clothing on the hooks that needy people can freely take, to help them during the sometimes cold winters.
  • A Welshman named Dan Black was injured in a motorcycle accident and saved up his money for an expensive surgical procedure. But then he heard about 5-year old Brecan Vaughan who has cerebral palsy and needed surgery to walk unaided. Black gave all the cash to Brecan. He had successful surgery and walked again.

We need to pay attention to what is going on "between the lines". Here are three action recommendations that will help you not to get swamped by negativity. These suggestions will help you pay attention to what's going on now, in this moment, right in front of your face:

  • Learn to quiet your mind for at least a half hour a day, so you can see and hear what's truly going on around you, and act accordingly (maybe have a conversation with your Maker).
  • Never watch (or read) more than one news cycle a day. To do more will warp your perspective.
  • Be willing to stop your own agenda when there is someone in some kind of trouble - small or large - who evidently needs something and you can provide it. Act quickly before you have a chance to think about it.

Have a great 2017!