A picture is worth 1,000 words. Video should be worth …


I’m a big believer that many people don’t read anymore. (So why am I writing this? Well, I have incorporated a photo and video as well, just in case.)

Today we are bombarded with more information than we could ever take in. We make choices in milliseconds of what we look at, like, share or simply pass by.

In this “show me” world where it’s easier to just view a photo, video or text, how do companies and organizations stand out?childsplay_poster-1

One way is through visual storytelling – including photos, graphics, video and other art forms – but it must be easy-to-digest, visually pleasing, shareable content and mobile-friendly.

Video, in particular, is a great medium for effective storytelling. It can easily inform your target audiences about your company, product or whatever your story in a quick a compelling way. And, if done right, your video will get the eyeballs and engagement from viewers.

As I mentioned during a recent PRSA Detroit panel discussion on “Video Storytelling: Tactics and Tips to Enhance Brand Awareness,” if a picture is worth 1,000 words, then video should be worth … sharing. But it’s important that it’s the Right Message. Right Audience. Right Channel. Right Time.

What’s your story and who are you trying to reach specifically? If you don’t know your key message (and can’t clearly articulate it) and don’t know your target audience, then how is your message going to resonate? That’s the “what?”, but “so what?” Why should they care? Why is it important? And, lastly, what about the “now what?” What do you want your audience to know, to feel, to believe, to do as a result of spending their limited time watching/listening to what you have to say?

Now you have a short, compelling, call-to-action video. Don’t just put it on your website or show it at an event and be done. Get your story out as part of an integrated marketing campaign – supported by PR, media relations, social media, web & digital, marketing and/or advertising. Share it internally: employees should be your best brand ambassadors.

Tailor the video for different audiences – consider various lengths, subtitles, music, voice over, etc. – and distribute and promote at the appropriate time – avoiding the clutter – so it’s not lost.

Here’s an example of an MCCI-client campaign using video (:30 version) – as part of integrated marketing (video, social media, digital advertising, marketing, PR, etc.) – to drive business to Gold Class collision repair shops. When you’ve had an accident, “Don’t Play Around.”

So, what’s your video worth? Make it worth sharing.
Rich Donley, APR, is MCCI’s senior vice president, PR/Marcom. He believes video is very effective for storytelling and should be seriously considered as part of any public relations campaign.