Pictures Tell the Story More Powerfully


The first huge news story I remember was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy when I was in elementary school. It made me want a job where I could tell the world when important things happened. I became a radio news reporter. A few years into my career a former co-worker asked if I wanted to move to TV news. My first reaction was negative, but I thought back to that first news event from my memory and realized the images of that time in Dallas and Washington were indelibly burned into my memory. Visuals gave the words and events more impact. I spent the next 20 years of my life in TV newsrooms.

Today, video isn’t solely the province of TV news operations. Companies, organizations and individuals now use video to tell their stories. And while you can find millions of hours of video on your computer or tablet, how many of those stories are really worth your time? How many interest you? How many make you feel something?

That’s the real power of good visual storytelling. Making your audience feel the passion you have for your subject. No other medium can convey emotion like video. Over the past 15 years I’ve met people who care about their community, animals, children, their job or their customers. Working with a talented team of videographers, editors, graphic artists and others, I’ve helped them tell their stories.

Working together we’ve educated people. We’ve changed minds and even changed some lives.